Toptone Music
Titel Komponist Stil
Albert Flasher Guess Who Pop Rock
All night train Allman Brothers Blues Rock
Back in the USSR Beatles Pop Rock
Ballade of John and Yoko Beatles Pop Rock
Blowin Blowin Jimmy Rogers Rhythm and Blues
Blues Mean old world Tina Turner Blues
Boogie to me Sonny Terry & Browny Mc Ghee Boogie Woogie
Bright lights big City Sam Cook Blues
Bug me Baby Delbert Mc Clinton/Casey Jones Blues Rock
Bus Rider Guess Who Pop Rock
C‘est la vie Chuck Berry Rock‘n‘Roll
Chumm doch Baby Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock‘n‘Roll
Dizzi miss lizzi Beatles Rock
E-Blues Rutishuser&Co Mundart Blues
Everybody trying to be Carl Perkins Rock‘n‘Roll
Feeling alright Joe Cocker Rock
Get back Beatles Rock
Give me one Fats Domino Boogie Woogie
Givin it up for your love Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Good golly miss molly Little Richard Rock‘n‘Roll
Gravity John Maier Blues Ballade
Harley Fan Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock
Hitchkock Realvay Cocker Delbert Rock
Holzwurm Rutishuser&Co Mundart Boogie
Honey don‘t Carl Perkins Rock‘n‘Roll
Honky tonk woman Rolling Stones Rock
I can‘t sop loving you Ray Charles Ballade
I hear your knocking Dave Edmunds Pop Rock
I know / Blueberry Hill Fats Domino Blues Rock
I‘ve got dreams Delbert Mc Clinton Ballade
Igot a woman Carl Perkins Rock‘n‘Roll
Its all over now Rolling Stones Rock
Jack Daniels Rutishuser&Co Mundart Ballade
Kansas City Beatles Rhythm and Blues
Keep on running Steve Winwood Pop Oldie
Last hand the night Albert King Rhythm and Blues
Last train in Clarksville the Monkees Pop Oldie
Lay around and love... Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Leave your hat on Joe Cocker Rock
Let me be your Lover Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Livin it down Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Lona sötsch di schona Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock
Matchbox Carl Perkins Rock‘n‘Roll
Maybellene Chuck Berry Rock‘n‘Roll
Monkey around Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
My mother told me Ray Charles Blues
My od tombestone Procol Harem Ballade
Mys Liseli Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock
New York City Delbert Mc Clinton Rhythm and Blues
Night bevore Beatles Pop Rock
Nina Rutishuser&Co Mundart Ballade
Oh Vreneli Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock
Paradies Rutishuser&Co Mundart Ballade
Route 66 John Maier/Traditional Blues Rock
Seeleschmätter Rutishuser&Co Mundart Blues
Sending me Angel Delbert Mc Clinton Ballade
Sex and Rock‘n‘Roll Rutishuser&Co Mundart Rock
Shes so good to me Joe Cocker Rock
Sincerely Dave Edmunds Rock‘n‘Roll
Striking on your Baby T-Boone Walker Rhythm and Blues
Sweet home Alabama Lynnrd Skynnrd Rock
Sweet home Chicago Blues Brothers Blues Rock
Sweet little sexteen Chuck Berry Rock‘n‘Roll
Tannzapfe Blues Rutishuser&Co Mundart Blues
Tell me about it Delbert Mc Clinton/Turner Country Rock
the Fat Man Fats Domino Boogie Rock
The House on the Hill Aaron Neville Funk
The same kind of crazy Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Thommis new Boogie Rutishuser&Co Boogie Woogie
To mutch stuff Delbert Mc Clinton Boogie Woogie
True love Carl Perkins Rock‘n‘Roll
What I‘d say Ray Charles Blues Rock
When I‘m walking Fats Domino Blues Rock
Why get up Fabulous Thunderbird Rock
Why me Delbert Mc Clinton Rock
Wont be long Aretha Franklin Jazz Rock

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